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„We Hear You” to mark its 10th Anniversary with joint exhibition of deaf artists

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Dear Readers and Friends of ‘We Hear You’, we are about to celebrate the Site’s jubilee. We’ve organized a unique Event to mark the occasion – a joint exhibition of the 8 deaf artists we’ve told you about through the years in our Art category. The exhibition will be held in Contrast Gallery, Sofia, from 2nd till 4th of November. The Anniversary Event is supported by NGO ‘Dunavsko Siyanie’– Ruse, whose partnership we cherish. That’s going to be one of the most significant points in Sofia’s program of cultural events for the exhibition is the first of its kind to be set up in Bulgaria.

„We Hear You” is an online media that’s been around since 2009. It started out as a personal blog and became the only specialized website in Bulgaria dedicated to people with hearing impairments. It offers a wide range of information offered by and in favour of deaf people. You can read through more than 350 publications in 20 Categories. There’s also an English version of the website. The website covers a broad range of topics and matters concerning the deaf that could also be useful to the broad public.

The preparations for the 10th Anniversary of ‘We Hear You’ started in early 2019 as the website showed up its renewed team and outlook. New categories were added and an English version had been set up. This is just the starting point of a few long-awaited projects coming to life in the proper time. Through these 10 years, the Site’s always been a non-commercial one. Its support has been up to the personal funding and the voluntary work done by the people on Team ‘We Hear You’. Thanks to these kind people with various vocations, who live in different cities and dedicate their spare time and attention to the Site, ‘We Hear You’ is still there. Nowadays, the Site has the best credit by Readers, Institutions and Non-governmental Organizations alike. It’s been well-rated by both Bulgarian and International users.

It’s a real honor for us and a true pleasure to announce that all the artists enthusiastically agreed to take part in the joint exhibition to mark the Anniversary of the Site. Each artist has a unique style of their own and a specific drawing technique. They’ve also been a part of other joint exhibitions and have set up expositions of their own artworks both in Bulgaria and abroad. With this joint exhibition of artists with hearing impairments, we aim to promote their indisputable talent as well as to encourage them to express themselves through what they can do best.

24 artworks will be in display during the exhibition. The list of artists goes as follows: Vanya Petkova, Denislav Todorov, Lyudmila Garkova, Mirela Ventzislavova, Monika Voykova, Niya Yakimova, Radoslav Genev, Stela Staeva. The exhibits are part of the following genres: graphics, surrealism, silk art, iconography, watercolor painting. Each artist will have 3 of their works in display. There will also be a few art installations. The latest of our participants’ artworks will remain a secret for they’ve been specifically created for the Anniversary Event. There’s no better place for these various artworks to be spectacularly presented than Contrast Gallery!

The Opening Ceremony of the Exhibition will start at 4 PM. There will be plenty of surprises, a charity event and a large number of guests – media, partners of the Site, actors, artists, deaf people, friends and citizens. Two professional sign language interpreters will take care of the high-quality interpreting from and into Bulgarian sign language, so that the Anniversary Event will be accessible by any means to the attendees with hearing impairments.

Stay tuned for more information on the Event and the publishing of its subtitled video announcement in Bulgarian Sign Language!

Christina Tchoparova

Poster Design by: Zdravko Denev

EN Translation by: Maria Mihailova

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