In case you’re going through the pages of our site, you’re surely interested in the life of deaf people. We are the ones who’ll tell you about it. We talk about everyday life in the absence of perceived sound. We share our experience in the field of Silence and the specific mentality associated with it. We’ll tell you about technologies that make the world of sounds accessible of deaf people. We’ll tell you about parents and children walking the paths through Silence together to discover new ways of communicating. We’ll introduce you to Sign Language and its role in a world of Silence. You’ll learn about deaf scientists whose significant incredible discoveries were inspired by the mere idea of a better world. You’ll see artworks created by artists in Silence. We are the ones who insist on media attention on the matters of the deaf community and the accessibility of cultural events and educational environment for the deaf. For we truly hear you. And it’s in our name.

Deaf people will be aided to find their way through Silence. We’ll assure them they’re equally able people regardless of their lack of hearing and the sounds missing in their life. We’ll introduce them to inspiring deaf people who’ve set good examples in Bulgaria and around the world. We’ll encourage them to take a look into themselves, discover new things about themselves and accept the discoveries. We’ll encourage them to be respectful of their condition and will make them aware of the fact that other people’s attitude towards them is a reflection of their own attitude towards themselves.
Deaf people’s loved ones will have the chance to see some first-hand experience with Silence shared. We’ll help them get over their fears, get to know the world of Silence and learn new ways of communicating with their loved ones. We’ll show them the importance of learning from each other.
The public will be able to catch a glimpse of deaf people’s world. Every visitor will have the chance to learn about each of the many different kinds of hearing loss. We’ll show people how misleading stereotypes could be. We’ll aid our visitors in finding the right way to communicate with deaf people.

In our 20 sections, we aim to cover a broad range of topics so that any user would feel at home browsing through the Site. We strive to be helpful to our longtime readers and new coming visitors alike. We Hear You has been along since 2009. So far, it’s the only specialized website for people with hearing impaired in Bulgaria. The information on the Site is verified and presented in accordance with all ethical norms. It’s also translated in English to make it easier for the English-speaking visitors to browse through the Site.

Provided you’ve managed to learn more about the topics covered, or have gained a deeper comprehension of the matters concerned, our mission has been accomplished.

Our main task is to hear you, to show you and tell you about this or that, to give you some directions. We aim to be the mediators between the people from the unknown world of Silence and other people providing room for both parties to meet up beyond the typical barriers. We aim to be the gate towards a world that’s different, yet waiting to be discovered. Despite the fact that this world is different than the one we’re used to, it’s still valid and has its positive sides.
The Site was created as a means to share the owner’s personal experience. Nowadays, We Hear You is a media platform reaching out to a large number of people. We cover a wide range of topics from different areas of deaf and hard of hearing people’s life.

Our uppermost goal is giving both deaf and hearing people the chance to get to know each other, comprehend each other and be able to communicate unrestrictedly with each other. We do this by providing diverse information concerning both parties. We hope to break the current stereotypes. We wish to reach out to an even larger number of people. We could be learning more about the world together with you. We’ll keep working on the Site as volunteers along with our partners. They are not just our good friends but also our fellows in the attempts to make the world a better and prettier place for the deaf. All of this is done free of charge.

Our greatest success is your credit. Ever since the Site was created 10 years ago, the readers, various organizations and institutions have rated it as extremely credible for it provides useful information on a wide range of topics.
We’re glad to read your e-mails and words of gratitude for our presence attempts to reach out to you. You state we know your worries and troubles. You’re thankful you would find answers for yourself and the experience you need shared by somebody else by simply reading through our publications.
We’re glad to be invited to events supporting deaf people’s causes as partnering media. We could also assist the organization of such events.
Whenever our publications are being copied without credits, we smile at the situation. It’s a proof we’re doing great.
The paths to success are unforeseen. Trails are usually created by people who don’t strive to accomplish big things at all cost because they’re aware success is not big. We consider it a success when we’re able to convince somebody things are not as hard as they imagine them to be. Whenever we could put a smile on someone’s face and inspire them to be creative again and show themselves up, we’ve had a significant accomplishment. We’re being successful when we’re able to show the positive sides of Silence regardless of people’s fears for the path to Silence is indeed a path towards the exploration of one’s inner world.
The most genuine things are best felt when there’s no disturbing sound around.
Thank you for giving We Hear You your credit!