About NCAC

The National Center of Alternative Communication “We Hear You” (NCAC) is a public benefit non-governmental organization. Registered on 14th of June 2022 and having joined the Bulgarian public register on 15th of June 2022, the association has its mission and goals devoted to the realization of ideas and experience for and with people with various hearing impairments from the Bulgarian deaf community.

The target audience of the NCAC includes all people with hearing deficits, which constitute the “silent society” in Bulgaria involving the following cultural groups: Hard-of-hearing (people with acquired early or late hearing loss who use speech, hearing aids or cochlear implants), people with impaired hearing (who have partially or completely lost their hearing and can use lip reading),  people with hearing disabilities (for non-medical reasons or because of their old age) and Deaf (people who were born deaf and use native sign language). 

The Alternative communication includes non-verbal communication and sign language (native, articulative and other), and also takes into account the communication needs of each cultural group in the Bulgarian deaf community.

The association also supports anyone, regardless of their hearing status, who wants to know more about alternative methods of communication, develop listening skills and be a better communicator – qualities that are much needed today for a better personal life and professional growth.

The National Center of Alternative Communication is created for activities that promote the realization of ideas, events and initiatives for people from the Bulgarian deaf community, to help and encourage the communication with the means they use as well as with alternative methods.

Every event and initiative of the NCAC will be announced on the website We Hear You, which is so far the most popular Bulgarian specialized media on hearing health and communication.

You can learn more about the activities of the NCAC association and the ways in which it will implement them from the Statute and Membership section. To contact us, use the Contacts option.

You’re welcome to join the NCAC “We Hear You” and let us hear each other!

Board of the Alliance:

Chairwoman: Christina Tchoparova, Journalist and media expert

Co-chairwoman: Kameliya Angelova, Sign Language Interpreter

Secretary: Maria Mihailova, Special Education Psychologist and translator with English

Co-founder: Zdravko Denev, Artist and graphic designer

Co-founder: Nikoleta Daskalova, Media analyst

Co-founder: Krum Sirakov, Lawyer