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The photo exhibition "In search of sound" will be presented in Plovdiv

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Two months after its presentation in Sofia, the ethno-photo exhibition of deaf models will be presented in the Plovdiv's Regional Ethnographic Museum. The exposition "In search of sound" will be opened on November 28 (Tuesday), from 5:30 p.m. in the great hall of the museum, locating on "Dr. Stoyan Chomaĸov" 2 Str. 

In 2022, the National Center for Alternative Communication "We Hear You", in partnership with ethnic photographer Assen Veliĸov, launched a unique initiative for Bulgaria: a musical photoshoot in five picturesque locations around the country, during which eight amateur models test their sense of sound and rhythm with and without their hearing aids or cochlear implants, through Live music by professional performers of Bulgarian folklore.

In result of all five photo sessions, in which the deaf models were looking for sound with Rhodope bagpipe, kaval flute, gadulka, tambura and tapan drum, hundreds of pictures were taken. These pictures have captured all the possibilities for hearing beyond the Silence.

All these photos gave us an idea for a photo exhibition. Each photo session tells a different folklore story and deserves its own exhibition. But together with Assen Velikov, we were guided by another principle - all the photos in the exhibition "In Search of Sound" should not tell stories, but show the emotional moments of the search for sound by people who cannot hear.

It was important for us to be shown to the general public the cause behind this musical experiment, and our belief, that folk music have a healing force and can be a key for waking up of "sleeping" acoustic nerves of the people with different levels of hearing loss.

We submitted a request for the project of photo exhibition to the Sofia Municipality, which to be arranged on the occasion of the "International Week of the Deaf People", announced annually at the end of September. This project received a positive response and financial support from the Culture Directorate, and our exhibition "In Search of Sound" was included as an event in the Cultural Calendar of Sofia 2023 and was located in Crystal Garden from September 18 to October 2.

Two months after the presentation to the public of Sofia, the photo exhibition will be at the disposal of the citizens of Plovdiv, courtesy of Prof. Dr. Angel Yanĸov, the director of the Regional Ethnographic Museum, PR expert Mrs. Mariana Kirezieva, and Mr. Petĸo Todorov, museum funds curator. 

The museum, located in the remarkable ancient building called "Kuyumdzhiev's House" in the Old Town of Plovdiv, has long-standing traditions in organizing various cultural events - exhibitions, book premieres, etc.

The old town of Plovdiv was one of the locations of our music photo sessions in the summer of 2022, and part of the shoots with the kaval flute were made in the front yard of the Regional Ethnographic Museum. The roles of father and daughter were cast of Ivan Peychev, music teacher and kaval flute performer from Filip Kutev National Folk Ensemble and 18-year-old Ivelina Ivanova, a student in the Sofia Special School for Deaf Children "Prof. Dr. Decho Denev".


We express our gratitude to the leadership of the museum that Regional Ethnographic Museum - Plovdiv will be host of the ethno-photo exhibition "In Search of Sound" from November 28 to December 13, 2023 (including). Entrance will be free for the entire period of the exhibition.

Opening on November 28 (Tuesday), from 5:30 p.m. in the great hall of the museum. Professional sign language interpretation will be provided for deaf guests.

Аrtісlе, EN translation аnd photoѕ: Сhrіѕtіnа Тсhораrоvа

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