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Dear readers, we welcome you into 2017! The year has started with many new things, but now I want to share with you one special news. The young creators of the AVA application, who I already informed you about, are included in the list of prestigious Forbes magazine for young entrepreneurs. They are included in the Forbes’ selection “30 under 30” for 2017 as a proactive young team, because their application AVA will change the history of the deaf and hard-of-hearing people. This mobile application offers easy communication in real time with conversion of speech into text in dynamic circumstances featuring more than two speakers. AVA already has fans throughout half of the world!

This ranking of Forbes is being conducted for the sixth time and there are more than 15,000 nominees. This is a definitive list of leading US entrepreneurs and innovators in 20 industries that change the status quo through ingenuity, audacity, originality. We must mention they are also under the age of 30, indicating that youth is not a reason to be underestimated.

For this list of Forbes magazine, inspiration comes from the rising number of young entrepreneurs, mostly in the technology business. A large percentage of them are graduates of universities such as Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley, New York, Pennsylvania. According to Forbes research data, 50% of young people are founders or co-founders, 57% of them have started their business to solve a problem; 27% want their business to change the world; many of them regard Elon Musk as a number one example. Nearly 48% of young people in the rankings point to success being a result of developed potential. The results are also due to these people liking what they do themselves. A mere 4% of them do it, driven by the desire for glory and wealth.

Nowadays, technology is evolving all too fast, but the essential ideas for its development arise from the pursuit of innovation and the need to be useful in a noble way. All in all, most of the business ideas are born because of the need to solve some urgent problem. Life is challenging, and when the difficulties are here, the thought of overcoming them generates creative ideas. When these ideas are embraced by the right people, the results are soon here.

Something like that happens in the AVA team. For example, 25-year-old Thibault Duchemin was born to the family of people with complete hearing loss and communication with them has become a priority for him. He looks for ways to make the conversations easier for everyone. Together with Pieter Doevendans (26), and Skinner Cheng (29), he has started developing an application that helps many people with hearing impairments to communicate without barriers by engaging in group conversations and dynamic communication. Skinner is also the first deaf entrepreneur nominated for the prestigious Forbes chart.

Team "We hear you" sincerely congratulates young people for their success. We are firmly convinced that it is well deserved because AVA app really overcomes the barriers. Isn’t this wonderful?

Article and EN translation by: Christina Tchoparova

Photo: Forbes

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