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On the Bridges of Friendship

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Dear Readers, we are meeting Mirela Ventzislavova once again. You might remember her second solo exhibition by the name “Caressed charms” took place in the Ritual hall of Yambol to mark the World Deaf Day.

Today, 7th of December 2018, a joint exhibition by the name “The Bridges of Friendship” will be hosted at the Exhibition Hall of Ruse at 6PM. Artworks by talented Mirela Ventzislavova and fellow artists Elitsa Kaloyanova (Bulgaria) and Ina Stana Rebigan (Romania) will be on display until the end of December. 


Mirela will be presenting a few of the pieces she creates using a drawing tablet.

The young graphic artist has been particularly prolific a year since her first solo exhibition “Created by Silence” was hosted.  She has her own Facebook page (Mirela Happy), where you can see her known graphics and drawings as well as brand new artworks.

Team “We Hear You” hopes the current exhibition will be a successful one, building the first of many bridges only art can create through its boundless language of beauty.

Christina Tchoparova

Poster by Mirela Ventzislavova

EN Translation by: Maria Mihailova

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