Our mission

Deaf people will be aided to find their way through Silence. We’ll assure them they’re equally able people regardless of their lack of hearing and the sounds missing in their life. We’ll introduce them to inspiring deaf people who’ve set good examples in Bulgaria and around the world. We’ll encourage them to take a look into themselves, discover new things about themselves and accept the discoveries. We’ll encourage them to be respectful of their condition and will make them aware of the fact that other people’s attitude towards them is a reflection of their own attitude towards themselves.
Deaf people’s loved ones will have the chance to see some first-hand experience with Silence shared. We’ll help them get over their fears, get to know the world of Silence and learn new ways of communicating with their loved ones. We’ll show them the importance of learning from each other.
The public will be able to catch a glimpse of deaf people’s world. Every visitor will have the chance to learn about each of the many different kinds of hearing loss. We’ll show people how misleading stereotypes could be. We’ll aid our visitors in finding the right way to communicate with deaf people.

In more than 20 sections, we aim to cover a broad range of topics so that any user would feel at home browsing through the Site. We strive to be helpful to our longtime readers and new coming visitors alike. We Hear You has been along since 2009. So far, it’s the only specialized website for people with hearing impaired in Bulgaria. The information on the Site is verified and presented in accordance with all ethical norms. It’s also translated in English to make it easier for the English-speaking visitors to browse through the Site.

Provided you’ve managed to learn more about the topics covered, or have gained a deeper comprehension of the matters concerned, our mission has been accomplished.