Alliance National Center of Alternative Communication “We Hear You”, based on its vast long-term experience, in pursuit of the goals described in its Statute (art.13) is offering the following services:

Counseling. Information and recommendations regarding the deaf society in Bulgaria, the cultural groups inside it, auditory health, communication, legislation and good practices around the world in favour of the business companies, educational facilities, employers’ organizations and parents organizations, state administration and legislative bodies, non-governmental or private organizations.

Sign Language Services. The provision of sign language interpretation in Bulgarian Sign Language, offered by experienced professional sign language interpreters skilled in the fields of: natural sign language, word-for-word translation, articulatory translation (lip reading), Gestuno (International sign language). Sign Language Services are offered to cover various events, festivals, conferences, workshops as well as translate musical videos of artists, duets and groups.

All services are provided upon the signing of a contract between the client and Alliance National Center of Alternative Communication “We Hear You”.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!
NCAC “We Hear You”