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Full Inclusion with Sign Language

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Members of the deaf societies in each country around the world have the right to use sign language as their primary language in all areas of life. It’s through sign language that deaf culture is preserved and being developed. The President of the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) Colin Allen and the President of the Hungarian National Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SINOSZ) Ádám Kósa, who is also member of the European Parliament, hope that the majority of the Hungarian Government  will support the legal recognition of sign language.

The Third International Conference of the World Federation of the Deaf is entitled “Full Inclusion With Sign Language” and will be held in Budapest from 8th to 10th of November 2017. The topics featured will deal with bilingual education, sign language in the families, deaf people on the labour market, barrier-free communication, the latest breakthroughs in infromation technologies in aid of the deaf people as well as the participation of the deaf in the process of decision making.

You migh have noticed the Conference will be held by the time SINOSZ will celebrate its 110th anniversary. That’s the oldest organization to represent the deaf and hard of hearing people  in Hungary. The latter is the first country in Europe (2007) to have signed and ratified the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Optional Protocol associated with it.

The Official webpage of the Conference is issued by the WFD. You could watch two videos in sign language telling you about the event, the schedule of the Conference with the topics concerned, the hosting organizations, the transportation issues and the location of the event in details.

Bulgarian translation by Christina Tchoparova

EN Translation by: Maria Mihailova

Photos by: WFD

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