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We Hear You is starting out a project entitled Deaf Wikipedia

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There are many scientific discoveries, artistic creations and cultural milestones, some of which are the result of deaf people’s hard work. Indeed, quite a good number of deaf people have dedicated their lives to the meaningful causes of inventing things for others. “We Hear You” has been publishing articles for 10 years to introduce you to prominent people, their journey into deafness and the lessons they’ve learnt from it. Hence, we’ve decided to gather our pieces in a “deaf” encyclopedia for you to use as a reference page and a source of information. This is the first project of its kind in Bulgaria that’s written in Bulgarian language and is dedicated to deaf people from around the world.

The world is a little bit more beautiful and knowledgeable place thanks to the knowledge brought to us by deaf astrologers, botanists, sculptors, artists, poets, writers, scientists and creators dealing with all areas of life. The least we could do worldwide is silently appreciate their discoveries and inventions.

The “Deaf Wikipedia” project started out in late 2019 as part of the 10th anniversary of the specialized website “We Hear You”. We’ve only recently decided to announce it as a new section of the site, having in mind it’s not yet complete, for it has the special mission of keeping together a number of articles translated in Bulgarian dedicated to the achievements of deaf people. Browsing through a large number of sources and investigating the information contained in them while being as accurate and intriguing as possible in our publications and remaining true to our writing style has been a hard work. This is the first project of its kind in Bulgaria that’s written in Bulgarian language. It serves as a database gathering around information about a number of prominent people with hearing impairments from around the world describing their biographies.

“Deaf Wikipedia” has an easy to use navigation and a structure so familiar, similar to the one of the Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. “Deaf” stands for people to know they will find information that’s stored online and is dedicated to prominent deaf people exclusively. We have published a list of names for every month of the year, each designation leading to related publication about the particular person on “We Hear You”. By the end of 2020, we will have finished the cycle of related articles and we’re planning to only add up new names to the database when we’re done.

This is an ideal project based on voluntary work by members of Team “We Hear You”. The information published in “Deaf Wikipedia” is accessible for students and people involved in the fields of auditory health, sign language, communication and speech and language therapy to use. It is mandatory for the users to add the Site and its related link to the Reference list of their publications and works citing it as a media in accordance with the ethical standards of citing sources.

We’d like to hear some feedback from you on the project. Make sure to tell us if you know of any people with hearing impairments that we haven’t mentioned in our publications yet, who have significant achievements in their areas of interest. We’ll gladly write about them, too.

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